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Stratcons goes beyond the conventional consultancy. It combines the concept of consultancy integrator with business diplomacy to provide its clients with options and solutions.

Consultancy integrator

Although Stratcons has its own expertise in a wide range of subjects, we do not compete with the “classical” consultancies. Stratcons experts are knowledgeable and competent in multiple fields, so they can assess the sectorial expertise input from specialised companies, i.e. technical, financial, legal etc. and integrate it into the options and scenarios, which are worth considering in the framework of the client’s plans. In the development of the scenarios, political and other relevant contexts are taken into account. On the basis of these scenarios recommendations, strategies and implementation plans are prepared for the clients.

Business diplomacy

Contrary to the popular perception, diplomacy is not about being nice. Diplomacy is about increasing the options and achieving the goals. Various techniques are employed to this end, from tacit diplomacy to coercive diplomacy. This applies to everybody – from the state to the individual – as diplomacy is always key. Business diplomacy has two aspects: business-to-business and business-to-government relations. Stratcons has strong track record in both. Upon receiving a mandate, Stratcons engages in active relations with the relevant partners in order to achieve the best possible results for its clients.
In the modern world it is impossible to be a good politician without understanding economics and it is impossible to have a successful business without understanding politics.