Stakeholders’ Analysis

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Identifying the key stakeholders in any given sector and analysing the complex interactions between stakeholders and their outcomes is among the key factors for the sustainable perspective. The intense media and political discussion makes the stakeholders’ and influencers’ identification process ever more complex.
Mapping out the people, the actions and the processes relevant to our client’s specific case; delivering these in a comprehensive and tangible form creates an environment of public confidence. Thanks to our wide-reaching network, we are able to investigate the situation in depth and spot potential obstacles or opportunities, crucial for achieving the aims and objectives of our clients.
We can help identify those stakeholders that really matter, assess their relevance to the issues of interest and present our clients with a complete analysis and recommendations on how to shape their strategy and gain support for achieving their goals. Our services include, but are not limited to: Stakeholders identification & analysis; Stakeholders’ profiles; Strategic & tactical planning for dealing with stakeholders’ clusters.