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Who we are

Who we are

Stratcons is a boutique consultancy with offices in Sofia and Brussels. It provides tailor-made high added-value services to its clients. With a pool of 50+ experts with international experience in different fields and a network of partners with similar approach throughout Europe and the USA, Stratcons is well positioned to provide both local and international expertise.
Our particular strength is based on combined understanding of politics, processes, media attitudes, intercultural and technical aspects.
We have experience in a number of areas, including energy, environment, infrastructure, specialised marine services, port development, economics, FIDIC application, mediation and conflict resolution, political consultancy etc.

Our approach

Stratcons goes beyond the conventional consultancy. It combines the concept of consultancy integrator with business diplomacy to provide its clients with options and solutions.

Consultancy integrator

Although Stratcons has its own expertise in a wide range of subjects, we do not compete with the “classical” consultancies. Stratcons experts are knowledgeable and competent in multiple fields, so they can assess the sectorial expertise input from specialised companies, i.e. technical, financial, legal etc. and integrate it into the options and scenarios, which are worth considering in the framework of the client’s plans. In the development of the scenarios, political and other relevant contexts are taken into account. On the basis of these scenarios recommendations, strategies and implementation plans are prepared for the clients.

Business diplomacy

Contrary to the popular perception, diplomacy is not about being nice. Diplomacy is about increasing the options and achieving the goals. Various techniques are employed to this end, from tacit diplomacy to coercive diplomacy. This applies to everybody – from the state to the individual – as diplomacy is always key. Business diplomacy has two aspects: business-to-business and business-to-government relations. Stratcons has strong track record in both. Upon receiving a mandate, Stratcons engages in active relations with the relevant partners in order to achieve the best possible results for its clients.
In the modern world it is impossible to be a good politician without understanding economics and it is impossible to have a successful business without understanding politics.

Our values

Integrity, honesty, transparency, fairness, competence and sustainability are our core values. We are rigorous at addressing potential conflicts of interest which may arise by virtue of our relations with our clients. We are aware of the importance of keeping strict confidentiality about any information that we may become privy of in the course of implementation of our contracts. We will never use it, neither will allow it be used outside of the framework of our contractual relations.
Stratcons and its employees pay particular attention to implementation of the highest anti-corruption standards. We base our conduct on the provisions of the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions, the United Nations Convention Against Corruption and any other anti-bribery laws which may be applicable.
We value the business of our clients. Stratcons has developed a Code of Conduct, which ensures the fairness, honesty and transparency towards our clients. Our employees are obliged to speak out and protect the interests of our clients even if this goes against the immediate interest of Stratcons.

Research & Audits

Whether starting from a vague idea or re-evaluating an existing strategy, any organisation would need empirical and/or analytical information about current and future trends and attitudes.
We can assist our clients on researching a policy area, identifying key stakeholders, potential allies, influential pressure groups, etc. Our approach combines the conduct of professional research (often outsourced to top research companies) and analysis of results from polls, surveys, mystery client campaigns and other probative methods. As an ‘end product’, our clients get from us a clear assessment of the problem/opportunity researched and consultancy insight for the possible solutions.

Strategic & Operational Representation

Quite frequently a starting business or a limited activity in particular social or business environment would demand an irrationally high cost for maintaining a full-scale representation. Finding a reliable partner may be a suitable and secure solution for short to medium term.
Sometimes cultural differences or simply mistrust between parties are so high, that direct negotiations may only aggravate the situation. Engaging a capable intermediary understanding both parties’ goals, motivations and, quite importantly, fears, could make the difference between success and failure in such cases.
We offer a trusted, flexible and fully accountable partnership with proven track record and satisfied clients’ recommendations.

Kalin Borissov

Kalin Borissov

Business diplomacy is perhaps no less important then state diplomacy. Many good projects of national importance failed because of poor diplomacy”

Kalin Borissov is the CEO of Stratcons who created an unique approach toward consultancy in Eastern Europe. He has over 30 years of varied professional experience, including Director for Trade and Transit at the Energy Charter Secretariat and Head of the EU Phare Multi-Country Programme for Environment office. He holds Masters in political economy from the Sofia Economic University (UNSS) in 1981 and Masters from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, MA, USA in 2003.

Boyan Koutevski

Boyan Koutevski

“Dare to communicate and initiate new opportunities and the whole world will join you willingly.”

Boyan Koutevski is expert in PR and Reputation management bringing together practice and advanced theoretical approach to clients’ benefit. He holds PhD in political science and teaches Reputation management in the New Bulgarian University. Before that, he provided expertise on numerous marketing and political campaigns.


Elisabeth Wiankowska

Elisabeth Wiankowska

“Successful global business needs particular regional understanding. ”


Elizabeth is head of strategy with Stratcons. She is a renowned European expert in international development and held high-level positions in A-grade companies in the field of defence, energy, public transportation and environmental management. She has special expertise in waste management and thermal energy production and particular focus on French and Polish markets.

Emil Todorov

Emil Todorov

“Never forget that ‘business’ originally means to have a lot to do, most of the time!”

Emil Todorov – Emil is economic researcher and analyst and company’s most valuable trend watcher. Master in International Economic Relations, he gained significant professional experience in the Bulgarian field team of the World Bank Group as administrative officer of IFC and IBRD. Co-founder and member of the Board of Directors of Corporate Governance Forum Bulgaria (CGFB).

Irena Hristova

Irena Hristova

“Good intuition always benefits from thorough research.

Irena Hristova is financial researcher and analyst contributing to the in-depth approach of the company’s analytical services. She was chief dealer in the Bulgarian National Bank for almost a decade and renowned academic expert in financial stability policy.